New Legless Counterbalance Electric Stacker

  1. Durable and rigid frame construction ensure the stackers to handle heavy loads
  2. Hour meter and BDI(Battery Discharge Indicator)on time informs the operator of recharge requirements
  3. A wide choice of battery capacity and size enable the truck to be correctly configurated to match application needs
  4. Tilter head ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfortable, and control buttons positioned to allow operation with either hand
  5. Limit switch mounted on top of mast to precisely set the max. Lifting height, avoid any risk of lifting motor overload
  6. Robust and rigid mast configuration optimize stackers lifting stability and safety
  7. Safe Grid covered on the mast to protect operator from any injured risk
  8. Tilt

Lift capacity from 1200kg to 1400kg
4500mm lift height, 3 stage mast


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