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Statewide provides a selection of forklift attachments that are designed specifically to handle heavy loads quickly without any interference.

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Statewide Forklifts offer quality forklift attachments

Forklifts are an essential piece of warehouse equipment that serves many purposes for your business operation. If you ever find your forklift unable to reach a certain height or load capacity, then integrating forklift attachments into your worksite’s day-to-day operations might be the solution. Sometimes, forklifts need a little extra help to access certain pallets. 

Statewide Forklifts offer custom forklift attachments for your particular need, including a variety of rotator, fork slippers, and ramps, that helps boost productivity for your business. 

Why use attachments for forklifts

Attachments serve many purposes when it comes to lifting and transporting loads. They can be easily swapped out, which provide efficiency for your operation. 

Aside from the ability to reach unreachable heights, forklift extensions also provide leverage to maximise load stability and reduce the risk of a worksite accident.

Forklift attachments are designed to handle a wide range of responsibilities. Attachments reduce load moving times and allow your workers to complete tasks faster. When it comes to increasing productivity, the most common forklift attachment used is fork rotators, since they allow efficient reposition and invert loads quickly.

Statewide Forklifts offers a wide range of forklift attachments, including a variety of rotators and slippers, that guarantees superior performance for your business. Every product is designed and manufactured to maximise your lift efficiency, held to strict quality standards to ensure high performance and durability.

Why Statewide Forklifts

We have a comprehensive range of new and used forklift attachments that are professionally maintained and regularly serviced to high industry standards. With over 21 years of experience in the industry, Statewide Forklifts is committed to not only provide you with the right equipment for the job, but to also ensure you get the reliable support that you deserve.

Statewide Forklifts strive to provide excellence in customer service by matching the best equipment to your needs and budget. Our team of trained staff are happy to help guide you through our variety of forklift attachments to help you make the right choice for your business, just give us a call.

For the best product expertise and customer service, call Statewide Forklifts today for the best price, service, and advice on your next forklift attachment.

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Features & Benefits

Extended warranty packages
Finance options available
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Free Expert Training
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Competitive pricing
Leading brands including: Nichiyu, Heli & Mitsubishi
Best range of products to suit all requirements
Service to customers Australia wide & state wide
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Huge range of new and second hand equipment


Are attachments necessary for forklifts?

Forklift attachments are commonly used within a workplace, to increase its versatility and make it easier to move certain loads. The addition of attachments can suit almost any job to increase its efficiency and alot less hassle.

How to safely install attachments?

When installing an attachment to a forklift, make sure you take precautions. Otherwise it can result in serious injury. A forklift attachment can be measured whether it is installed correctly or not, but most important is that the forklift operator is fully trained to ensure smooth and safe operations.

Are jib attachments useful?

Forklift jibs are one of the most common attachments given to its advantages to expand the forklift’s capabilities to become a multi-purpose lifting machine. A forklift jib offers workplaces the effective way to safely manoeuvre and transport heavy loads, providing a simple cost effective way to safely hang loads from a forklift’s tines.

Can attachments affect the forklift’s load capacity?

Yes. Adding an attachment reduces the lifting capacity of the forklift given its additional weight. It is important to note that when you use an attachment on a forklift, the centre of gravity of the forklift will be less stable than it would be without the attachment. Therefore, the maximum load weight must decrease to prevent it from tipping over.

Why Statewide Forklifts for new forklifts?

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Best prices

Over the years we have listened to common questions, problems and specific requirements in relation to your materials handling needs and developed an efficient system so you get the products you want, at competitive prices.
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Industry Experience

With over 21 years of experience in the industry, Statewide Forklifts commitment is to not only to provide you with the right equipment for the job, but to also ensure you get the reliable support that you deserve.
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Best service & repairs

Reliable and affordable repair services for your forklift when you need it most. We understand time is money so minimising downtime for your business in critical.
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Huge Range

We have an ever growing range of new and used products that are professionally maintained and regularly serviced to high industry standards. Plus we’ll give you th best advice on what equipment to choose for your business.
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Free Expert Training

All of our used forklift sales come with free onsite training from our team of skilled experts. 22-point safety check. Most used equipment warranty applies.

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