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All Terrain Scissor Lift Hire In Sydney

All Terrain Scissor Lift Hire In Sydney

Scissor Lifts are one of the most common and widely used aerial platforms. They facilitate your work and make it easy to operate or carry out functions on various heights. They are used in different industries for aviation, management and much more. Statewide Forklifts brings to you scissor lift for hire around Sydney to ensure safety while working at heights as well as flawless operations. Our scissor lifts are available in various specifications and are regularly maintained by our experts. We also provide technical support to our customers to help them make the best use of scissor lifts.

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Ensure optimum security at your construction site with the help of scissor lifts

Statewide Forklifts brings to you a wide range of scissor lift for hire in Sydney and allied areas. Our scissor lift is an ideal solution to reach elevated areas and meets all your lifting requirements. The scissor lift is very easy to operate and is available in several specifications. You can choose an electric scissor lift for hire if you want everything to be managed and operated with the help of a system. We also have diesel scissor lift for hire if fuel consumption is your concern. Statewide Forklift has an ideal solution for all your lifting and industrial requirements.

Some of the striking features of our scissor lift are given below:

  1. Easy to move or operate” The wheeled scissor lift provides great flexibility to the user. You can move the scissor lift at the desired destination and elevate the same to reach areas.
  2. Improves Productivity: it helps to improve the overall efficiency of loading tasks and operations.
  3. Injuries: One of the greatest benefits of a scissor lift is it reduces the chances of injuries due to heavy lifting and load management.
  4. Ergonomics: Scissor lifts are adjustable and can be positioned appropriately to efficiently meet your work requirements. It plays a major role in making the process more ergonomic and easy to handle as well as operate.


Scissor Lifts for hire in Sydney is used to elevate the work areas or the lower unit loads. The electric Scissor lift helps one to access difficult areas with ease. It enables one to perform work and reach areas that are otherwise very difficult to access. 

The cost for Scissor lifts for hire in Sydney varies upon the model and specification of the lift. However, the rent for a standard scissor lift is around $100-$150 per day. Statewide Forklift also offers weekly and monthly rental packages for scissor lifts and forklifts. You can get in touch with us to get an estimate for the same.

One of the greatest applications for an electric Scissor lift for hire is that it can reach difficult areas with ease. Accessing those areas without an electric scissor lift for hire in Sydney would be a little difficult as it would have required ladder or scaffolding. A scissor lift helps one to complete the job faster as it does not require any time to set up the lift or equipment. 

An electric scissor lift can elevate to a height of about 40 feet. This height is optimum for the majority of the residential and other construction projects. However, the height and reach of various scissors lift may vary and it is necessary to check the same before finalizing scissors lift hire cost.

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