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All Terrain Forklift Hire

All Terrain Forklift Hire

Statewide Forklifts brings to you the finest and most versatile all terrain forklift for hire. These specially engineered forklifts have a fast lifting speed and are highly reliable. They are perfect for uneven areas including forestry, construction sites or docks. Hiring an all terrain forklift will make your job easy and efficient. The high mobility and superior performance make our forklifts highly reliable. We have an array of all terrain forklifts for hire basis. You can choose the desired one based on the technical requirements and nature of your work.


Heli 2.5 ton or Heli 3.0 Ton is best for multipurpose use. These Rough terrain Forklifts are suitable for all kinds of operations and are ideal for the construction site, docks, forestry and other areas. This forklift works well on even rugged and hard surfaces.

All Terrain vehicles are those vehicles that can function properly on different terrain including uneven surfaces, mud, ground, hills, soft ground, ditches etc. They work efficiently on these surfaces and facilitate your operations optimally. Statewide forklift offers you some of the best variety of All terrain forklift on hire in Australia.

Manitou and Heli are one of the best All terrain vehicles to own. These vehicles work best on all types of surfaces and are very easy to operate. Statewide forklift offers these all terrain forklift on hire basis in Sydney and across Australia.

Yes, All terrain tires are a little noisier than the regular forklift. The block tread patterns on these tires make the peculiar noise. However, there are several less noisy options at Statewide forklifts that are comparatively less noisy than the regular all terrain forklifts. You can check the detailed description of these vehicles before opting for all terrain forklifts on hire.

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